Artist Statement 

       I never leave the house without my camera. Days may go by when I don’t see a good picture in my travels, but if I don’t have my camera with me, I won’t be able to get the photo I want when I see it. So, no matter where I am going, day or night, I always take my camera.

      My goal is to find a picture that is fleeting, a scene that has not been photographed before and that could not be taken at any other time. My favorite way to take pictures is on a solitary walk when I can really focus on what I am seeing. For years I walked in Central Park every morning with a friend but I never got good pictures on those walks. However, all that traversing the park allowed me to know Central Park so intimately that I know exactly where to go when the weather conditions are unique and conducive to getting an interesting picture.  It’s the same with the streets of New York City, my garden in Vermont and anywhere else I might go.  I am always chasing the light, the weather, the moment that will be gone as soon I’ve shot the picture.